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(And what is a true digital magazine)
Welcome fellow Mustang enthusiast! Thank you for being here and joining our Mustang Journey. Some of you already know us, but things have changed....

Lets rewind to 2014. The automotive magazine landscape was changing. Magazines began to consolidate and many started to dissolve. But we created Mustang Driver anyway.

We wanted to build the Mustang magazine we new everyone wanted. Spare no cost on quality, perfectly bound, not littered with ads and articles related to said advertisers, and - oh by the way - content from the best editorial authorities in the business. After many hours of discussion, over pizza and beer, Mustang Driver was born. We had two great years, but lets face it...if the big boys could not sustain, it was going to be hard for four guys trying to compete on beer money...I mean we still needed beer!

But we could not let Mustang Driver die, we knew we had to shift gears. We needed to retool, rebuild, and modify….you get the point. Times were changing and we had to try and keep up. We had to learn a new method to deliver a real Magazine in a digital format.

And that's where a redefinition of the concept of a magazine-and of a digitaledition-is instructive. Some time ago, the well-known (and revered) observer of all things magazines, Bo Sacks, developed a definition of a magazine that pointedly doesn't include being in print. Bo said a magazine is:

• A collection of thematically linked stories.
• Curated.
• Finite.
• Designed.
• An experience, not a commodity.
• Collaborative.
• Periodical.
• Shareable.

More recently, Advontemedia President David Blankenship updated that definition. A magazine, David wrote, is "a periodic compilation of sequenced relative materials and edited content published in a designed format."

There's nothing online that really fits either definition. A website is a news delivery and marketing vehicle, with very little attention given to the kinds of design that make magazines so effective

So a digital magazine isn't a flipbook or a cumbersome PDF with a confusing menu of tools. It does have a logical linear navigational view or flow-based UX, including contents or visual navigation. It's capable of user interaction and social media sharing.

And thats what we want Mustang Driver to be. You are looking at (what we call) Mustang Driver 2.0. the digital magazine done right. Think of it as a restomod!

We knew we had to keep our standards high, and thats exactly what we did. We have created a digital experience like nothing you have ever seen. A totally immersive experience dedicated to the car and hobby you love. An escape from all the clutter that leads you down distracting rabbit holes.

So whether its on your phone, your I-pad (best experience) or desktop, you willfind that our digital version is better than any print magazine…period. Thepicture quality is better, you can zoom in 300x, and you can even view video.

We are very proud of what you see here. We still have a lot to learn, but we welcome you to take this journey with us as we improve the experience and bring you more of what YOU love.

We hope to see you on the road, at some car shows or races. Hopefully we can have some beers together and talk about your Mustang!


"a digital magazine isn't a flipbook or a cumbersome PDF with a confusing menu of tools..."

That's right, FREE!

We want Mustang Driver to be enjoyed and shared by all so we are making it 100% FREE!! This is our way of doing good in the Mustang neighborhood!

Responsive Design

The responsive design adapts to the devices. No pinch & zoom necessary. It's been designed to enjoy without having to zoom in.

300% Zoom

When you do want to zoom into items like the images, you can zoom in up to 300% at any time, no tapping required simply pinch and zoom to see all the detail.

Portrait Design

Mustang Driver has been designed in a portrait format better suited to todays digital devices, creating a unique and engaging experience. Horizontal worked great for a print magazine but is very limiting in a digital portrait environment of monitors, tablets and mobile devices.

the magazine that stays current!

Mustang Driver is published bi-monthly and is updated with exciting new content between issues, providing an on-going, immersive experience. We have the ability to add content at any time. It's the digital magazine that keeps on giving!

what mustang driver is about

The Mustang Driver staff is comprised of Mustang hobby and publishing industry veterans. Our editorial, contributor, and sales and marketing staff have led the Mustang enthusiast-publishing segment for over a quarter century. This provides us with an expert knowledge base unrivaled in the Mustang world. With Mustang Driver, our goal is to produce a magazine the way it should be—with the focus on our readers and the true Mustang owner lifestyle rather than shareholder interests.

In the pages of Mustang Driver you’ll find:

• Classic to late-model car features
• Riveting historical articles
• Profiles of the top Mustang racers in the country
• DIY modification and restoration technical articles
• Local and national event coverage
• Advice from Concours & Thoroughbred-level experts
• Tips and tricks from the nation’s cutting-edge tuner shops
• On-the-road lifestyle features and travel pieces
• In-depth product reviews and evaluations

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