NPD Nov 22


2005-‘20 FORD MUSTANG GT High Performance Hydraulic Clutch Line Upgrade

The factory hydraulic clutch line is plastic and prone to breaking over time, as well as flexing, which gives a spongy feeling. This Teflon-lined, steel-braided line improves clutch pedal feel as well as adding peace of mind that it is much stronger than the factory part. This is a direct replacement of the stock line, no modifications needed.

The upgrade features AN-4 male plug-in fittings and a Teflon-lined, braided stainless steel line.


• AN-4 Male Plug-In Fittings
• Teflon-lined Braided Stainless Steel
• Replaces Weak Factory Plastic Line
• Heat and Abrasion Resistant
• Direct Fit Upgrade Replacement
• Improved Clutch Pedal Feel

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