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Zero Labs offers electric vehicle conversions for classics

For many Mustang enthusiasts the idea of Mustang SUV was a tough pill to swallow. Most agreed that the technology was cool, but the form factor made it difficult to accept. That said, what if you could have the undeniable coolness of a classic Mustang combined with the modern technology of an electric vehicle?

That’s just what Zero Labs offers. The company developed a ‘classic electric platform’ that can supplant a factory chassis with a full electric vehicle powertrain. Among the vehicles available for this transformation are pre-1975 muscle machines, including classic Mustangs.

“More than a frame, more than a chassis, more than a ‘kit’ or list of parts,” says the company of its platform. “The world’s first complete power cooling and communication platform engineered specifically to transform your beloved gasoline or diesel classic vehicle into a clean energy hero.”

electric vechical base 1
Don’t call it a skateboard, but Zero Labs’ platform can infuse your classic Mustang with 600 electric horsepower and a 235-mile range while riding on an independent suspension.

That platform delivers up to 600 electric horsepower delivered by one or two motors that rev to 18,000 rpm. They are fed by a battery pack that allows fast charging. That battery is mounted in a robust chassis riding on independent front and rear suspensions and can travel as far as 235 miles on a full charge.

electric vechical base 2
If you want to move your classic Mustang into the future as an electric vehicle, Zero Labs will soon offer conversions for pre-’75 muscle cars, as well as 1947-1975 4x4 machines and 1948-1975 sports coupes.

“After more than five years of engineering and testing and use in all 2020/2021 full vehicle rebuilds, we are now proud to offer electric platforms which are designed to transform four gasoline and diesel vehicle formats each with numerous makes, models and size configurations,” says Zero Labs.

The company’s team will work with you to create the conversion you desire and the end product carries a 24-month repair warranty and a four-year or 50,000-mile warranty on the battery and drive unit.

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