Fathouse Performance claims the most powerful Shelby GT350!

When Ford Performance engineers created the latest Shelby GT350, they had a naturally-aspirated corner-carver in mind. Fitted with a sharpened suspension and 526-horsepower 5.2-liter engine with a flat-plane crankshaft, the car definitely lives up to their mission statement.

Of course, once these cars gallop off the dealer lot, all bets are off. Enthusiasts and the aftermarket often have different ideas. Used as the foundation for a number of projects, these cars are the ultimate chameleons. That is definitely the case for Mustangs, including the Shelby GT350 at the Fathouse Performance shop.

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The company offers a number of upgrade packages for modern Mustangs, including its Shelby GT350 1400R Twin-Turbo package, which includes a bolstered driveline, forged engine upgrades, a custom turbo system, Motec engine management systems calibrated by Johnson Tuning, and more.

Fathouse Performance Shelby GT350 1400R
Fitted with forged engine upgrades, a custom twin-turbo system, a Motec engine management system, and all the necessary supporting hardware, the Fathouse Performance Shelby GT350 1400R Twin-Turbo package is ready to deliver impressive output.

Designed to deliver more than 850 horsepower on 93-octane pump gas, and beyond 1,400 horsepower when burning E85, these systems can turn the cornering machine into an 8-second straight-line superstar. One customer was running this package and wanted to push the envelope even further.

Fathuse Performance 1400 rear view
One customer wanted to push the combination even harder, and the result was over 1,700 horsepower at the rear wheels.

“Our 1400R customer decided it was time for some more power so we turned it up a few notches for him,” says the company. The result was a whopping 1,755 horsepower and 1,146 lb-ft of torque generated by burning One Ethanol R fuel.

“This is the highest horsepower GT350/GT350R on the planet!” the company proclaimed. “Now it's time for track testing! Stay tuned!”

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