Brian Drumm's '79 Pace Car has been a family treasure!

Some cars achieve legendary status without having low mileage or being fully restored show cars. Brian Drumm's 1979 Pace Car exemplifies this.

This article could have easily focused on a Mach 1. Brian informed us that his original plan was to acquire his Grandfather's s '73 Mustang, but an accident altered those plans.

At that point, Brian learned about the Pace Car that had been parked in Texas since the late '90s. In 2003, a deal was struck to cover just the cost of shipping, and the car would then be his. Brian's Uncle had purchased this car new and being in the military the car saw its fair share of travel.

One move sent him to Germany where he shipped the Pace Car to enjoy some European roads such as the Autobahn, and driven through countries like France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.

To say this car has seen some amazing asphalt would be an under statement. With the cost of Foxbody Mustangs on the rise, Brain tells us that his uncle gave him the car for basically the cost of fuel to get it from Texas to Virginia, which amounted to $300.

The Pace Car is an original V8, but it has been replaced with a DART 363 built by Adam at Kannapolis Engine Services, 76/75 BMF turbo, Z Spec T5 transmission, Holley Super Sniper, Holley digital dash, and the list goes on and on.

As an early 4-eyed Fox fan, I can definitely approve of the modifications done to the car.

Brain mentioned that he still possesses the original motor and all the documentation, including its time in Germany. If you plan to attend Foxtoberfest in October at Concord, NC, keep an eye out for this ultra-cool Fox, or check it out on Instagram at drummstoolbox. Brain would like to express his gratitude to his wife and Uncle Mike.

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