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Cassar Performance & Design Prepping Project Freedom For 2022 SEMA Show

The Rush Of True Freedom!

While the intended purpose of the Specialty Equipment Market Association is bringing the automotive aftermarket together to network and share their products with potential customers, the side effect is a convention center decorated by project vehicles.

Used to showcase and highlight aftermarketperformance products and the prowess of their builders, these machines are the automotive eye candy that gets attendees excited. One such vehicle under construction for the 2022 SEMA show is known as Project Freedom from Cassar Performance & Design. Based on an Oxford White 2021Mustang GT California Special. Project Freedom is the culmination and resurgence of a century long legacy of American automotive prestige and passionfrom the Cassar automotive family legacy. This pony is receiving a host of bespoke upgrades as designed in the renderings created by CPD & Monaco Auto Design

Jacob Leete of Illeete Designs created this illustration of what the final version of Project Freedom should look like.

Project Freedom is being built for one purpose to absolutely go to thelimit of what S550 Mustang chassis is capable of both on and off the track.With the influence of classic American automotive design in combination offirst generation Mustang design influence and tying in all out modernperformance with luxury brought into one package. The goal for CPD is to builda modern Mustang that would pay homage to the original Mustang design todecimate the autocross and road course with absolute authority.  

Among those upgrades will be a custom designed front fascia with thecollaboration between CPD and Monaco Auto Design in West Palm Beach, Florida.Project Freedom will ride on bespoke CPD by Fortune Auto 510 series Coiloversin combination with AAD Performance billet IRS suspension components withsupporting suspension and chassis upgrades such as a Studio RSR Chromoly rollcage, BMR Suspension K-Member Bracing, and a multitude of IRS subframe bracingcomponents. 

Cassar Performance & Design 2021 Mustang GT California Special will feature a custom interior with white accents and a rear seat delete from CM Components.

In all, we are so excited to see all the upcoming new products, debuting on Project Freedom and to see the finished product at the 2022 SEMA show this coming November. 

Stay tuned right here for more details on CPD’s Project Freedom in the coming months! 

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