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for your s550 Ford Mustang GT

Below are just some of the best modifications you can get for your Ford Mustang to roar across America and look show-car ready any time you step back and snap a photo. The Ford Mustang GT is just pure, All-American freedom in automotive form and does an incredible job at creating and maintaining that smile across your face.

S550 rim close up

#1 Suspension: That Sexy Look and Improved Handling 

An ongoing discussion amongst car enthusiasts everywhere, the idea of “lowering” a car can get dicey and met with lots of resistance. As with other suspension modifications, people do the wrong things for the wrong reasons. Lowering a car improves its handling characteristics from a lower center of gravity, better spring/shock rates dependent on what type of driving you’re aiming to do, and closes the gap between the wheel and the fenders. There are several ways to drop your Mustang and each one has specific benefits. 

Air Ride Suspension

A Mustang air ride suspension can be a massive upgrade to your car and give you the ultimate flexibility in any situation. It all starts with the air bags, which replace the car’s springs on each axle. These air bags fill with air, depending upon the ride height and firmness you're looking for. That air is provided to each air bag by a compressor, which is controlled by an electronic switch in the cabin of your Mustang. The controller for the 2015 Mustang air ride suspension allows you adjust the whole system, each axle, or even each wheel so you can get the exact look or ride height you desire.

Air Ride Suspensions Don’t Have to be Expensive

CJ Pony Parts offers some of the most reasonably-priced Mustang air ride suspension components on the market from manufacturers who have gone the extra mile to design and engineer their Mustang air ride suspension components to fit these cars perfectly and work for years to come.

Ford Performance Lowering Springs

If you want to make your 2015-2020 Shelby GT350, GT350R, or 2018-2020 GT Mustang equipped with the MagneRide Suspension even more aggressive, consider upgrading to this set of Ford Performance 20mm Lowering Springs (M-5300-W).

Features and Benefits: 
- Gives a Much More Aggressive-Looking Stance 
- Offers Increased Handling Dynamics 
- Designed to Maintain Excellent Ride Quality 
- Lowers Vehicle Approximately 20mm (0.787”) Front and Rear 
- May Cause Slightly Harsher Ride When Compared to Stock Springs

Shelby rims

#2 Wheels Can Change Looks Dramatically

It seems that upgrading and replacing your stock wheels is mandatory for not only Mustang owners, but with all car enthusiasts. A set of wheels can separate you from the rest and makes your car, your baby, original. It tells the world your Mustang is all yours and is a living, breathing extension of you.

There are so many options when it comes to outfitting your 2015-2020 Mustang with the right set of shoes. Choosing the style, size and finding the right tire are all keys to getting your S550 paired with the perfect set of rims and tires to suit you and your Mustang’s personality. 

Carroll Shelby Wheel Company

Without a doubt, one of the hottest wheels on the market right now are the Carroll Shelby Wheel Company wheels. They come in a variety of finishes and styles to suit your build direction. Everything from split-five spoke designs to aggressive drift-style wheels can be found from this company.

Perhaps the best part about Carroll Shelby Wheels is their flow-formed construction. This type of construction allows the wheels to be just as strong, or stronger than OEM while cutting weight. Some of the higher-end wheel options, like the CS21, are offered in forged construction as well.

Brembo brake kit

#5 Slowing That Pony Down – Performance Brakes

So now that you have all this horsepower and you’re wreaking havoc everywhere you go, how do you get yourself to stop moving? While the stock brakes work, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “the best” option for your car. An upgraded braking kit should be a top priority on everyone’s minds when it comes to owning and driving a high-performance vehicle, but too many times it is dismissed. 

Brembo Performance Pack

Does your S550 lack the braking power needed to get the job done at the track? Make sure to pick up this 15" 6-Piston Brembo Conversion Front Brake Kit (M-2300-V) from Ford Performance designed for your 2015-2020 Performance Pack EcoBoost or Base GT Mustang!

This brake kit is a direct-fit replacement for 2015-2020 Performance Pack GT Mustangs, but a direct-fit upgrade for Performance Pack EcoBoost and Base GT Mustangs. Adding this kit on your S550 will drastically increase your braking performance without losing the OEM look. Adding more surface area to the rotor while increasing the stopping power to 6-pistons of pressure will not only get you to stop quicker, but also dramatically reduce brake fade on those long track days. Make your Mustang stop on a dime with this Ford Performance 15” 6-Piston Brembo Conversion Front Brake Kit. 

Ford Performance Stage 2 Power Pack

#6 Performance is Everything – Why Not More Horses?

This Ford Performance Stage 2 Power Pack Upgrade Package will give your GT S550 up to 21 peak horsepower, 24 peak lb-ft of torque and up to 40 lb-ft of torque at only 1500rpm. You will notice a huge improvement in your Mustang's off-the-line responsiveness with improved and enhanced throttle response and a performance feel. Automatic transmission calibrations feature an optimized performance shift schedule while manual transmission calibrations feature an exclusive “No-Lift” shift strategy. The proprietary software will also allow rear gear ratio changes up to 4.09:1. Best of all, this incredibly versatile performance upgrade package is legal in all 50 states and features a CARB EO#.


It can be overwhelming when upgrading your Mustang. Just a word of advice, take it in stages. Enjoy each modification before adding additional upgrades. These are just a few of our recommended upgrades. Any upgrades you choose, whether these or others, will make you even more proud of your ‘Stang! 

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