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WIDE OPEN Watch A Shelby GT350 Blast Down The Autobahn At 171 MPH

It was definitely a sad day when Ford announced that the latest Shelby GT350 had come to the end of its life cycle. While it wasn’t unexpected — as the limited-edition stallion had a lengthy five-year run from 2015-2020 — it was definitely a bummer that this naturally-aspirated corner carver drove off the assembly line into the sunset.

Fortunately, there are plenty of them out in the wild — even where they weren’t sold. Case in point is one that made the trip to Europe and onto the road we have all dreamed of driving — the Autobahn. While it isn’t a complete free-for-all on this highway, there are sections that don’t have a speed limit and the GT350 in the video above takes advantage of one of those stretches.

The sweet sound of that Voodoo 5.2-liter engine at full-tilt is definitely something we are going to miss.

European car review YouTubers AutoTopNL shared a video that highlights the modern Shelby GT350’s signature exhaust sound and lets us ride along in a wide-open-throttle blast down the Autobahn exceeding 170 mph. Who hasn’t dreamed of putting the pedal to the floor in a Voodoo 5.2-powered Mustang and just soaking in that glorious exhaust sound?  

Just watching this video makes us a bit nostalgic, but at least someone is out there, driving one in the way which it was intended.