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Another Carlisle Ford Nationals has come and gone, and Retro Stangs was in attendance celebrating everything retro.

Retro Stangs was founded by Jordan Lane and me, Mike Clay. For those who don't know, I was part of the original group that organized Mustang Week, the country's largest Mustang show. After my retirement and nearly 25 years of hosting and promoting shows, I wanted to return to enjoying the hobby on my own terms, leading to the formation of Retro Stangs.

For years, a group of friends has made the trip to Carlisle to enjoy the Ford Nationals. Once Retro Stangs was formed, we decided it was time to host an after-hours event. During my years with Extreme Productions organizing Mustang Week, I was always able to boast "non-stop action," thanks to club and sponsor events.

We wanted to offer something for everyone to enjoy, and with the help of Adam White and his connections with Parsons Interstate Ford, we started hosting a Friday night cruise-in.

This year's cruise-in featured approximately 100 cars, with food provided by Parsons Interstate Ford and giveaway shirts sponsored by LMR, Modify My Stang, UPR, Mustang Driver, Carter's Customs, and Foxy Events.

Plans are already set for next year’s event, which will take place on Friday night during the Carlisle Ford Nationals. Be sure to attend and show your support by listing Retro Stangs as your club when you enter the Carlisle show. For more information, find Retro Stangs on Facebook. We consider our group a community, not a club. Everything we do is self-sponsored, or we find companies to support us. We do not have membership fees or officers. We discourage trophy chasers and the pursuit of social media attention. Ownership is not necessary; just a passion for 1979-2004 Mustangs and everything retro is enough. We would like to give special thanks to Keith Keplinger for designing our logo. It is a tribute to my '80 Cobra and years of dedication to Mustang Week.

Take a look at some more of the cool Mustangs in the gallery below.


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