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TRIAL BY FIRE Fire Department Dissects A 2020 Shelby GT500

Any car fan knows that manufacturer’s build a number of test vehicles while developing a new vehicle. Those test machines are never meant for sale and don’t carry vehicle identification numbers. For the most part, they are destined for the car crusher, but some do make it into the wild.

We all like to believe the special ones escape, only to appear years later on the auction circuit. However, that doesn’t happen often. Most are destroyed, but some can serve a noble purpose before they are flattened. In fact, Ford loaned one to a local fire department for training.

Ford let the Dearborn Fire Department borrow one of its 2020 Shelby GT500 development vehicles. The firemen used the test car to practice vehicle extraction techniques. When they were finished, the car and any stray parts were returned to Ford for eventual destruction.

“Your Dearborn firefighters train daily. This week we trained on vehicle extrication. It almost broke our hearts to cut up this 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 test vehicle, “ the Dearborn Fire Department explained in a social media post. “Thank you to Dennis Lark and FoMoCo for the opportunity. Other training included special operations and equipment familiarization.”

This was not just any Shelby GT500 either, it was optioned with the coveted Golden Ticket option — the $18,000 Carbon Fiber Track Package. That made it especially difficult for Mustang fans to see, but the car did give these first responders real-world experience that could help them rescue someone from the latest Mustangs.