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Ponys on display at Ace Cafe Orlando’s July Mustang Meet

With the world turned sideways by a global pandemic, events of all kinds were postponed or outright cancelled. That left many enthusiasts with a pent-up desire to get out and enjoy their machines. Let’s face it, getting out and driving is one of the best ways to change your surroundings and have a little fun in the process.

Ace Cafe Orlando is a regular supporter of car meets. It hosts a wide variety of monthly gatherings for specific makes and genres of vehicles. As soon as restaurants were able to open back up, it began hosting monthly cruise nights and meets. On the weekends it is often the site of larger, themed shows.

Without much pre-event fanfare the Ace Cafe Orlando hosted a Mustang Meet on Saturday July 18, 2020. After spotting the online flyer, we hopped in the car and headed over, eager to get out of the house and see some Mustangs. There we found a nice turnout of pony cars across a wide variety of model years and configurations from classics to the latest Shelby GT500. We’ve assembled a variety of images from the event for you to enjoy and possibly hold you over until you can get out and have some fun with your Mustang. Enjoy! 

The 2020 Shelby GT500 is a drool-worthy machine in any configuration, but this Iconic Silver example certainly had your author’s jealousy gauge at redline.
This one is a period-correct dream machine right out of the ’90
How about a red Fox coupe with black interior and a Paxton Novi-blown 5.0 under the hood? Sign us up!
Since most of the Mustangs on the Ace Cafe Orlando property were built long after the ’60s, it was cool to see a clean, restored classic in the crowd.

Covered in a custom color and fitted with a carbon hood, this S550 rides on an air suspension and gets a big boost in power from a Stage-2, ProCharger D-1X, intercooled blower.
Jacob Hughes brought out his mildly-modified S197. The Three-Valve machine sports a GT500 front fascia, FR500-style wheels, and a cold-air intake under the hood.
People were keeping their social distance from the cars at the show, so we don’t know what mods this SN95 has under the hood. But we do know the color contrasts nicely with the Cobra R wheels to make this ride stand out.

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