Fox Mustang fans can get reproduction window stickers.

Even if you tracked down the pristine Fox Mustang of your dreams — and probably paid handsomely for it in today’s market — it’s unlikely the car was still wearing its window sticker. Let’s face it, even if it doesn’t seem like it, these cars are old enough to be classics. However, thanks to an expansion of an existing program, some Fox owners can now order reproduction window stickers.

“For the past few years, Ford Performance has been offering factory window stickers for some 2007-2019 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles though the Ford Show Parts website,” says Ford Performance. “But the Ford Performance Info Center has also been working on a program to have factory-correct window stickers reproduced for older classics, especially Mustangs.”

No matter what model or configuration you own, you can order a reproduction window sticker that will detail the factory configuration of your 1987-1989 Mustang.
So whether your original was lost forever or you just want a spare for display purposes, these reproduction window stickers can be easily ordered online at Fordshowparts.com.
In addition to offering reproduction window stickers for 2007-2019 vehicles, Ford now offers these documents for 1987-1989 Mustangs.
(Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)

The first group of vehicles benefitting from this expanded program is 1987-1989 Mustangs. Simply head over to the FordShowParts.com here, type in the Vehicle Identification Number, and pay the $59.95 fee. Four to six weeks later, owners will receive a reproduction window sticker in the factory size and format, showing all the original factory details of the car.

These stickers are great for learning about your Mustang, displaying on a restoration, or just having as a keepsake. With any luck, Ford will expand the program to include the rest of the Fox lineage in the future.

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