Carlisle 2023


A great event and a welcome break from world events

With a calendar almost entirely shredded of car shows, thousands of Blue Oval enthusiasts flocked to Carlisle, Pennsylvania for the annual Carlisle Events Ford Nationals. The nearly two-month delay from the event’s original date only whet the appetites of those seeking to get out on the show field and gave the Carlisle Events team time to institute the necessary protocols to keep everyone safe.

Group of original GT40's
Carlisle gives attendees opportunity to see some of the rarest cars up close. The red GT-40 is an original 1966 Ford GT and a dozen Ford GTs paraded around the grounds on Friday.

Understandably, safety concerns limited those in attendance, which easily afforded social-distancing among those who drove or walked through the event’s gates. For those who did head out into the open expanse of show cars, Manufacturer’s Midway, and swap meet, there was plenty to see and do. Ford brought out their entire line of cars and trucks, highlighting options for today and in the future.

Ford Mustang Mach 1 on   t-shirt

Two 2021 Mach 1 Mustangs were on-hand, offering fans the opportunity to see the new steed first-hand. The new Mach 1 and GT350 Mustangs spent some time center-stage as Ford representatives conducted a walk-around of each of the cars on both Friday and Saturday. There were also enough GT500s, GT350s, Ford GTs and numerous other offerings to fit any need for speed or various types of hauling.

Mid Atlantic Foureyes & SVO's
Many clubs enjoy Carlisle as a group, giving them a chance to relax and get caught up with members through scheduled club meetings and events.Show And Go!

The show field was an array of both popular and rare factory Ford colors offered throughout the decades. There were drivers, restorations, customs, and both vintage and modern-day racers on-hand. Many Carlisle Events attendees make it a point to visit “Building T”, always a hot-spot for some of the finest examples of history and value. This year, dozens of Ford GTs surrounded the building, both inside and out. There was a special tent where one could view one of the largest gatherings of the modern-day supercar while the display inside contained examples going back to an original 1966 GT-40! The Ford GTs also paraded around the grounds on Friday and several took part in the open-track time offered on the autocross track to scrub down some tires for the fans.

Mie St. Angelo's 2009 Glass Top Mustang
Mike St. Angelo had this rare 2009 glass-top Mustang on-hand and took a moment to show us the view both inside and out.

Entire clubs came out as winners at this year’s Ford Nationals, with John Clor, from Ford Performance Enthusiast Communications, named the Beltway Mustang Club as the coolest club. Other clubs gathered under tents to congregate and catch up with other members. For many attendees of this year’s Ford Nationals at Carlisle, the event not only served as a time to come together and enjoy their Mustang lifestyle, but it also gave them respite from many of the modern-day, world events.

Vintage Mustang Racer
Mustangs have a long history with performance and many enthusiasts tap into that vintage speed vibe by re-creating their favored flavor of race cars.

As the year moves forward, enthusiasts will continue to seek ways to put life on the back burner for a few days and enjoy their cars and the many friendships that revolve around them. Often times, they make plans to do so a year in advance. For those folks, they’ll likely note that next year’s Ford Nationals event is already scheduled for June 4-6, 2021 at the Carlisle, Pennsylvania Fairgrounds and will feature the 50th Anniversary of the Pinto, a 1971-73 Mustang Celebration, Holman Moody & Stroppe reunions and a Comic Car Con display.

Milestone racer
This modern-day version looked like it was ready to make its own legacy on the racetrack.

Go to the Carlisle Events webpage to learn all about next year’s Carlisle Ford Nationals, review event photos, check out the winner’s list, take the post-event survey and make plans for next year online now at

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