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Modern Driveline

FOUR BY FOX A Fox Mustang prepped for off-road competition?


A Fox Mustang prepped for off-road competition?

At first blush, a 139,000-mile, 1981 Mustang selling for $3,500 bucks isn’t a terrible deal. It’s relatively low mileage for a car of that vintage.

Even if it is a four-banger, there is plenty of potential in such a machine if it is in good shape. Therein likes the rub with this freakish Fox that we ran across for sale on Facebook marketplace out of Portland, Oregon.

While the ’79-’93 Mustangs are so flexible that you can turn them into any kind of performance machine, pushing some envelopes might make such a car difficult to sell down the road. By all means, you should mod a car however you want to, but just don’t expect potential buyers to come clamoring if you stray too far off the beaten path.


Designed for running in the Gambler 500 — think 24 Hours of Lemons in the woods — which lets drivers compete in $500 cars, this 1981 Mustang looks like it might have rolled right off the set of the original Mad Max movie. Featuring everything from big off-road tires to a snorkel air scoop designed to keep the engine breathing when traversing deep water, this Fox is ready to take on the outdoors. It is not a cream puff however, as it has a rear main seal leak and an ignition miss on one cylinder. It does, however, include a donor 1977 Mustang II complete with the 5.0-liter engine, automatic transmission, and 8.5-inch rearend.

Of course, even with such a pairing, would you drop $3,500 on an off-road Fox and a Mustang II? Check out the listing HERE to see if it is still available.


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