Makeover Your Mustang With McQueen Wheels

As car chases go, nothing is more legendary than the scene in Bullitt. However, it’s not just the action sequence that lives on today, but the notion that Steve McQueen, who piloted the 1968 Mustang in the film, is still known as the “King of Cool.”

Something about his swagger has lasting appeal. Thanks to a partnership between McQueen Racing and Steeda, you can easily add some of that swag to your modern ’Stang.

Named after Chad McQueen’s favorite road, the Encinal Canyon Road cuts a path through mountain canyons on the north end of Malibu Highway 1, and the Pacific. Full of twists and turns, narrow canyons, and sudden sweeping vistas through the mist, it’s another spot where Chad McQueen loves to feel the wind in his hair.

“I’m very excited to continue to develop and collaborate with Steeda. They’ve succeeded in completely capturing the essence of my dad’s ‘McQueen DNA’ with the limited-production Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang. Now, together, we’re looking forward to our new wheel collaboration. Our mission is to provide high-quality wheels with an exceptional classic design and a modern twist while maintaining an outstanding value for enthusiasts,” Chad McQueen, President of McQueen Racing. “And I know without a doubt that the entire Steeda team shares that goal 100 percent…”

Designed with a nod to the past and a look to the future, the McQueen Racing Wheel Collection includes an initial release of three designs. These wheels are inspired by some legendary roads in Southern California that encourage spirited driving, which is reflected in their names: The Mulholland (first seen on the Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt), The Encinal, and Pine to Palms, which refers to Highway 74 in Palm Desert.

California’s famed Highway 74 - from the pine-scented forests surrounding Lake Hemet to the unforgiving desert floor in Palm Desert. The Pine to Palms Highway starts with a rugged yet somehow relaxing high-speed path between mountain peaks and then descends through dozens of hair-raising, white-knuckle switchbacks down the mountain to the desert floor below.

All the wheels in the line are created using a low-pressure casting process designed to decrease porosity and enhance strength. They are available in 20x10- and 20x11-inch diameters for staggered fitments on 2005-2021 Mustangs using 275/35-20 front tires and 315/35-20 rear tires.

“This is a great opportunity for Steeda to further expand our offerings to Ford performance enthusiasts,” said Bob Adams, President of Steeda Performance Vehicles. “The Steeda vehicle lineup of high-performance vehicles are some of the best-performing and highest-quality performance vehicles available in the market. And our collaboration with McQueen Racing on the Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang has been nothing short of a grand slam. We are extremely excited to continue to partner with them on this new performance wheel program.”

Named after this famous scenic road that runs through Malibu, Mulholland has long been known as the place hot shoes go to test their metal and their mettle. From breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean; from hairpin turns to high-speed sweepers, Mulholland evokes late nights and high-speed runs.

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