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2015-20 Mustang Stage 2 Pro-Street Package

The UPR Products’ 2015-20 Mustang Stage 2 Pro-Street Package includes:

UPR Billet IRS Subframe Bushing Cradle Lockout Kit/Billet IRS Subframe Braces
This 12-piece, CNC Billet lockout/brace package eliminates the movement found in the OEM rubber bushings. It will reduce wheel hop and improve overall handling without adding any noise, vibration or harshness. The Lockout kit is made from 7075 Billet Aluminum, the IRS braces are made from 6061 Billet Aluminum.

UPR Pro-Series™ Toe Links
These laser cut, 3/16 steel, tig-welded and nickel plated toe links reduce wheel hop and give a more responsive suspension feel. Rod ends are heavy-duty chrome moly, self-sealing, self-lubricating, and Teflon lined. There are left- and right-hand threaded turnbuckles for easy adjustments.

UPR Billet IRS Vertical Link
CNC’d from strong 2024 Billet Aluminum with Delrin bushings and Stainless-Steel sleeves, these new links limit deflection to provide consistency. 2024 Billet Aluminum has a tensile strength of 68k psi compared to 45k psi, or 51% stronger than 6061.

UPR IRS Subframe Alignment Kit
CNC machined Delrin helps align the factory IRS subframe and keeps the IRS subframe squared to the chassis. (You should have an alignment done in case the IRS subframe was not square from the factory.)


• Improves Handling
• Shortens 60ft Times
• Reduces Wheel Hop and Bushing Deflection

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