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Revology Built A ’68 Mustang Replica That’s A Higher Caliber

When you think of a Highland Green 1968 Mustang, only one thing comes to mind — Steve McQueen blasting through the streets of San Francisco in one of the most famous movie chase scenes ever.

However, if you wanted such a car to drive every day, you might be disappointed by that car’s driving dynamics and creature comforts. That is definitely not the case with Revology Cars’ 81st replica vehicle, a 1968 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback. Fitted with the Special Edition Package, this bad boy features 17x8-inch Torq Thrust wheels with satin-black painted centers, a satin-black painted tail lamp panel, HID headlamps, and more.

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Paired with the Highland Green Metallic paint, this package definitely gives it the look of a certain movie machine. However, it delivers drivability and performance like that of a modern car thanks to a Gen 3, Coyote 5.0-liter engine under the hood. Supporting that 460-horsepower powerplant is a TREMEC T-56XL six-speed transmission.

Inside features modern conveniences like air conditioning and a touchscreen in-car entertainment system. It is the custom work that goes into creating the car, including the Napa Leather interior, which really sets these cars apart.

“We do all of our interiors in-house. There's a team of skilled technicians and this is all they do, you know,” Tom Scarpello, Founder and CEO of Revology Cars explained. “This car is equipped with our walnut veneer trim and this this is kind of a riff on the deluxe interior in 1968 which had a simulated wood applique. Of course, we've done this in genuine walnut veneer. The inserts are laser cut by a company up in Michigan and we install them at our facility.”

Revology takes pride in building its replicas using an OEM-style assembly process that melds custom products with repeatable manufacturing-to-yield vehicles, like this one.

“I'm not saying we're the only company that builds a really well-sorted resto mod, but I will say for this car, the ’65-’68 Mustang, there’s nobody doing it better, that’s for sure,” Scarpello added.

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