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POLAR PROVEN All-Wheel-Drive Mustang Mach-E proves it is ready for the Polar Vortex

Most of us would never consider driving our beloved, traditional Mustangs in harsh winter conditions. If you are planning to augment your stable with the forthcoming 2021 Mach-E, however, the winter snow and the traction troubles it presents will not dissuade you from going out for a drive.

Available with an optional all-wheel-drive arrangement, the all-electric Mach-E is suited to flourish in the harshest cold weather environments. To ensure it is up to the task, Ford engineers put the AWD Mach-E through its paces in frigid conditions at the company’s 800-acre Smithers Winter Test Center in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

If you live in a colder climate and are considering a Mustang Mach-E, Ford confirmed that the all-wheel-drive version is definitely winter-ready. The company tested the AWD EV in harsh conditions at its 800-acre Smithers Winter Test Center in Michigan’s UP.

“Mach-E’s available all-wheel drive is designed to help instill driver confidence in all conditions,” Robert Iorio, Ford Mustang Mach-E vehicle engineering manager, explained. “The team has integrated e-drive propulsion, all-wheel-drive calibration and brake control in a way that optimizes fine motor skills to enable an immediate response in low-traction conditions and ensure the performance expected from Mustang – even in the snow.”

With the first Mach-Es set for delivery late this year and early next year, the timing will be right to test out its cold-weather capabilities. If you haven’t reserved one yet, but you are interested, you can visit the reservation site here.