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Shelby Unleashes Venomous Variety Of Limited-Production Stallions

If you are looking to celebrate 2021 by letting it rip in a Mustang treated to a generous dose of Shelby style and performance, Shelby American is offering a stable of stallions that fit that bill.

Whether you want a Shelby GT, Signature Edition, Super Snake, or new Speedster, the company has a potent pony car that will fulfill your Shelby desires.

“The 2021 model year represents a significant new chapter at Shelby American. This is the most diverse group of Ford Mustang-based Shelbys in our history,” Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American, said. “While the amazing Ford Mustang is a world-class car from the factory, our team created additional models, so we can offer something for everyone who dreams of owning a high-performance Shelby. From the daily-driver Shelby GT to the technically sophisticated Shelby GT500 SE package and the limited-edition Shelby Super Snake Speedster, we’ve never offered so many choices.”

Working closely with the Blue Oval and a host of aftermarket specialists, Shelby American developed packages to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers — from those who want a little extra style and performance to those who want a lot.

“The unprecedented energy spent on our lineup demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the enthusiast,” Vince LaViolette, Shelby American Vice President of Operations and Chief Designer, explained. “Collaborating with Ford Motor Company, Penske, Borla, Brembo and other key companies, we dialed in a unique personality for each car targeted to a specific type of driver. And then we spent countless hours, miles, and laps refining the vehicles. That quality shows in every car we build today.”

2021 Shelby Super Snake

Headlining the group of vehicles that Shelby dubbed its ‘Bundle of Snakes,’ is the top-shelf 2021 Shelby Super Snake. Powered by a supercharged 5.0-liter engine belting out 825 horsepower, it is available with an automatic or manual transmission and in the convertible or fastback body style. This car draws on the heritage of the original, experimental 1967 Super Snake and retails for a whopping $133,785.


• 825-horsepower, polished Whipple supercharger

• Shelby extreme cooling (radiator, aluminum tank, heat exchanger)

• Shelby by Borla exhaust system

• Performance half shafts

• Transmission cooling (automatic only)

• Short-throw shifter

• One-piece driveshaft (manual only)

• Ford Performance wheel studs

• Ford Performance track handling pack

• 20-inch, one-piece, forged-aluminum wheels (black or bright)

• Shelby performance spec tires

• Shelby by Brembo brake system (red, six-piston front, four-piston rear)

• Shelby brake and bearing duct cooling system


• Shelby-spec interior upgrade

• Floor mats and door sill plates

• Gauge cluster with gauges

• CSM badging (engine + dash)

• Engine cap set

• Convertible light bar (convertible only)


• Shelby engineered body components:

• Aluminum Wide Body front fenders

• Metallic Super Snake ram-air hood with functional vents

• Front fascia with air managed grilles, ducts and splitter

• Side rockers with rocker wings

• Rear spoiler, tail panel and diffuser

• Super Snake striping and badging

• Deep tinted windows

• Shelby louvered quarter windows

Convertible Speedster Edition

If a Super Snake is not special enough, Shelby American is offering a run of Speedsters which turn the convertible version into a two-seat roadster with a convertible tonneau, unique striping, floor mats and door sill plates.

“The new Speedster is stunning,” Patterson added. “From a styling perspective, there is simply nothing like it on the road. With the wide body option, it’s a rare combination of sleek elegance and American muscle machismo. This is the automotive equivalent of a powerful heavyweight boxer fitted into a stylish, fine suit. And with only 98 available in the US, it will be ultra-rare.”

• Speedster convertible Tonneau

• Limited to 98 units in USA

• Unique striping

• Speedster Edition floor mats and door sill plates

2021 Shelby Signature Edition

A newer package in the Shelby arsenal is the $104,900 Signature Edition. It elevates the 2021 Shelby GT500 with a functionally-vented carbon-fiber hood, upgraded suspension bits, and a splash of styling flair. There is also a Signature Edition package available for the 2015-2020 Ford Shelby GT350, including the R-model.

“We enjoy a very close relationship with the team at Ford,” LaViolette explained. “This helped us maximize our design for the functional hood, as well as tune suspension dynamics and even determine the impact of additional power on the dual-clutch transmission. Our SE package takes the new Shelby GT500 and gives it a sharper edge with even greater capabilities without voiding the warranty. We plan to limit the availability of this package to 98 vehicles per model year in North America.”


• Dry carbon fiber, ventilated hood

• Hood struts and “SHELBY” hood locks

• Billet engine caps

• Striping and badging

• Leather seat recovers

• CSM numbered engine and dash plate

• Limited to 100 units for 2020MY

• Donation to the Carroll Shelby Foundation


• Performance supercharger pulley (800+ horsepower)

• High-volume/flow supercharger intercooler

• High-volume/flow supercharger heat exchanger

• Front and rear springs

• Front and rear sway bars

• Suspension recalibration

• Caster/camber plates

• 20x11-inch front wheels

• 20x11.5-inch rear wheels

• Performance-spec tires

• Extended and hardened wheel studs

2021 Shelby GT

For entry-level enthusiasts, the Shelby GT carries 20 extra horsepower and a host of other improvements for its $62,310 tally. It wears a deep-draw hood, a Ford Performance suspension, a Borla Cat-Back exhaust, 20-inch wheels, and those signature styling touches inside and out. If you want more, a supercharger package is optional, and the GT can be had with an automatic or a manual transmission.


• Shelby GT deep-draw hood

• Hood vents

• Shelby-spec 20-inch wheels, staggered

• Shelby spec tires

• Ford Performance springs

• Ford Performance sway bars

• Shelby by Borla cat-back exhaust

• Caster/camber plates

• Three-year/36,000-mile Limited Warranty

Exterior & Interior

• Shelby leather seat recovers

• Shelby upper grille

• Shelby side rockers and rocker wings

• Rear spoiler

• Taillight panel

• Le Mans-style striping

• Driver and passenger Side stripes

• Emblems and badging

• CSM numbered dash plaque and engine plate

• Engine caps

• Shelby tech signature manufacturing plate

• Embroidered floor mats

No matter which package you chose, your ride will appear in the official Shelby Registry and carry a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty along with Ford’s powertrain warranty. For more on these special ’Stangs, check out the Shelby American site HERE.

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