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Jaime Ohlson's GT500 is on FIRE!

When we started to plan for our 20th anniversary of Mustang week, I wanted to have the best of the best cars inside the convention center and that's when I met Jaime Ohlson, a firefighter of Plainville, Massachusetts. I had posted on our Facebook group that we were looking for unique cars to go inside and that's when Jamie reached out to me & told us about his GT 500 at Shelby American in Las Vegas being transformed into a signature edition.

After talking to Jaime, Iknew we had to have this car as part of the inside display. If you attended Mustang Week in 2021, you would have seen this car parked near the Shelby American display. The signature edition includes these upgrades. 


  •  Performance Supercharger pulley (800+ HP)
  • High volume/flow supercharger intercololer
  • High volume/supercharger heat exchanger
  • Front and rear height adjustable suspension
  • Front and rear sway bars
  • Suspension recalibration
  • Caster camber plates
  • 20" X 11" front wheels
  • 20" X 11.5" rear wheels
  • Performance spec tires
  • Extended and harded wheel studs
  • Dry carbon fiber ventilated hood
  • Hood struts and "Shelby hood locks
  • Billet engine caps
  • Striping and badging
  • Leather seat recovers
  • CSM numbered engine and dash plate #4
  • Limited to 09 units for (2020-2022) model years
  • Number 4 of 98
  • Donation to the Carroll Shelby Foundation

 On top of all those modifications, the car also received a wide body kit, painted stripes, color-matched calipers with the Shelby logo & custom leather seatcovers. 

 Jamie told me that he had owned the car for around a year and had met with Shelby American at the Carlisle Ford Nationals & decided to pull the trigger on making this the ultimate GT 500. When I first saw the car at our meet and greet, it blew me away and I said to myself, this is indeed the ultimate new Mustang. 

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