An in-depth look at the ambitious Godzilla-swapped Fox

Last year we shared a preview of a project vehicle under construction, and that machine is nearing completion. Known as Foxzilla, it is the brainchild of Preston Folkestad of Creative Werks and GC Cooling, whose goal is competing with this restomodded stallion in the Optima Batteries Search for the Ultimate Street Car series.

Preston Folkestad of Creative Werks and GC Cooling teamed up with the consultant on this project to offer a look at the features of Foxzilla, a Godzilla-swapped FoxMustang constructed for the Optima Batteries Search for the Ultimate Street Carseries.

While it didn’t quite make the first event of the year, it is nearly race-ready and Preston and the car’s consultant,noted racing driver Billy Johnson, offer an overview of this car’s features on video.

Featuring an Indy Power Products-built,7.3-liter Godzilla engine fed by a ProCharger supercharger, Foxzill has plenty of power on tap. That output is supported by gear from Brembo, Detroit Speed,Dewitt’s Radiator, Emtron, Falken, Forgeline, Fuel Safe, XS Power Batteries,and others.

“We’ll kind of give a walk around the whole vehicle. So the purpose of Foxzilla has many different reasons — one of which is giving Preston a faster, more capable car to drive because he killed it inthe C10 and won the championship, won four races in a row, and definitely needed a platform to step up his driving ability that's just outright faster,”Johnson said.

As you can see in the clip, this Fox isradically modified from its former factory form, which was well worn. With acompletely revamped suspension, highlighted by a Detroit Speed front clip, itserves as an optimized platform to showcase a hot-rodded example of Ford’slatest V8 engine.

“This definitely is but also just asimportant if not more important is the engine the Ford 7.3-liter Godzilla thisspecific application is uh built by Indy Power Products and you can’t justthrow a Godzilla in a Fox-body or in pretty much any car because of the oil panand the oil pump inside the oil pan is so deep and so long that the enginewould be like sitting really high up and out of the car and you couldn't reallyfit,” Johnson explained. “So Indy Power Products solves all those problems withits front engine cover and oil pan setup that’s very versatile that you can putit into pretty much any car application. So this car was built to showcase and test the Indy Power Products engine platform and whole engine program.”

With a prepped and ProCharged Godzilla under the hood of the revamped Fox Mustang, it should be quite the performer on the Optima circuit, so keep your eye out for it as the series runs across the country.

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