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Take a one-of-four Shelby GT350 for a virtual spin

You might never be able to take one of the four Shelby GT350 convertibles built in 1966 for a drive, much less the only red 1966 K-code Mustang droptop constructed by Ford before it was shipped to Shelby.

However, thanks to Carvana’s updated Spinner technology, you can take this rare ride for a virtual, 360-degree spin and learn more about it. Known for its unique vehicle sales proposition, which is highlighted by huge automobile vending machines, Carvana is also using the latest technology online to show off its vehicle inventory to potential customers. The company launched its 360-degree car photography in 2013 and upgraded it this year with quadruple the imaging detail shot from 64 angles using 26,000 LEDs and gigs of 3D image mapping.

1966 Shelby convertible
Thanks to Carvana’s 360-degree Spinner technology, you can take a virtual tour of this ultra-rare 1966 Shelby convertible from Craig Jackson’s collection. It was built by Ford and served as Carroll Shelby’s personal car.

To showcase the technology, the company photographed several cars from the collection of Craig Jackson, the man behind the Barrett-Jackson auctions.  “This level of transparency was new to the industry when we launched just seven years ago, so we are incredibly proud to heighten that experience for customers with our advanced imaging technology. And we couldn’t ask for a better way to showcase it than with Craig Jackson’s epic vehicle collection,” said Ernie Garcia, Carvana founder and CEO.

1966 Shelby convertible interior
The technology allows taking a 360-degree look inside and outside the car, as well as highlighting several unique aspects of each vehicle with more information.

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