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OEM RE-STYLING Installing a set of heat exchangers from NTO (New Take Off)

New Take Off’s list of OEM items for the S550 is growing daily and when it came to considering changing the color of some of our OEM body items on project Jekyll & Hyde we knew NTO would have the items for our S550 that looked great and at a nice savings!

Are OEM heat exchangers are very cool but we felt they would look better in black to match the other black items such as the hood scoop, roof, emblems and rear spoiler.
Start with the underwood padding and remove all the push pins securing the pad. TIP: end on the center to ease removal and avoid bending and creasing the padding and on installation start with the center to hold it in place.
Remove the two bolts and cable and unplug the light if so equipped.
Using a parting tool pry to pry off the plate being held on by clips.

Start by pushing the bottom up through the hood.
Continue pushing up and releasing the clips along the side by pushing in on each one.
Transfer the bolts from the original to the new units.
Transfer the bolts from the original to the new units.
And here is our finished hood with our new black heat exchangers looking sharp with the black hood scoop.


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