We perused the inaugural Motor City Foxfest in search of our 10 favorite vanity plates

There is no denying the Fox platform, and in particular the Mustangs built on its foundation, are having a renaissance at the moment. Not only are fans from back in the day embracing the cars of their youth, but a new generation of fans is discovering Foxes.

As a result, these cars are commanding big money on the auction circuit and earning major street cred at shows around the country. From stockers the rotisserie restorations, and period-correct builds to high-end Fox Rods, these cars are showing up in numbers, particularly at events dedicated to this platform.

The latest show showcasing cars from this era was the Motor City Foxfest,held on July 15, 2023 at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn,Michigan. Dedicated not only to 1979-1993 Mustangs, it was open to all Fox platform vehicles from Ford Fairmont to Continental Mark VIsas well as their Fox-4 cousins, the 1994-2004 Mustangs better known as SN-95s. This addition was something unique that could lead to more inclusiveness among these cousins in the future.

Despitea terrible forecast that foretold a rainy day, the Motor City Foxfestdrew more than 500 cars to its inaugural event. Organizers hoped to bring out more than 1,000 cars, but they were undeterred and plans are already underway for another event next year.

“We took a little break to decompress after the Inaugural Motor City Foxfest! That doesn't mean that we have not been working on making next year's show bigger and better!” organizers said after the inaugural event. “Next year is the 60th anniversary of the Mustang! We are already brainstorming on how to provide you with another one-of-a-kind Fox Chassis celebration in the heart of Ford Country in Dearborn! “

If you love cars from this era, Motor City Foxfest is one to pencil inon your calendar. We attended this year and it was a blast. While we walked row after row of cars, we noticed an abundance of personalized license plates. As a result, we documented most of them and decided to share our 10 favorites from the 2023 event…

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This one is not running from the taxman, rather it is upfit with an independent rear suspension under its hindquarters. Concisely describing what makes the car adorned with this plate is what placed this one on the list.


One look at this plate and we couldn’t help but chuckle. Along the way, most project-car builders have to overcome some issues. Likewise, car enthusiasts may have been accused of having issues based on our dedication to these machines. Either way, this Fox owner is speaking his truth on this vanity plate.

8. 92 LX 50

With only so much space to work with on a personalized license plate,there is an art to getting your message to fit. Direct and to the point, this one identifies this Fox for its most basic attributes,but somehow it still hits home. What Fox Mustang fan wouldn’t wanta ’92 5.0 LX?

7.  90TRUNK

Inthe world of classic Mustangs, the humble coupe is not as desirable as its Fastback and convertible brethren. However, in the world of Fox Mustangs, that concept is upended. The coupe, or notchback,depending on your style is often the most sought-after version of the Mustang LX from this era. Some people recognize them for their trunks, and that is illustrated on this plate.


The modern Fox movement features a number of subgenres from stockers and restored rides to period-correct restomods and all-out Fox Rods. Among the modified cars, engine swaps are all the rage, and none is more popular than the Coyote engine in a Fox Mustang. This plate says that this one merges the two breeds into one.


This car owner must have encountered one too many car show spectators that didn’t know much about Mustangs. You can imagine the repeated,‘What kind of Mustang is this one?' inquiries. Fortunately, his license plate succinctly answers the question that it is indeed aFox.


This car owner has a sly sense of humor because his Ruby Red ’92 MustangLX is anything but clapped out. That said most projects go through stages where they haven’t reached their peak. With that in mind, it’s great to be able to have fun with it once the car reaches its show-worthy state.


Many car enthusiasts anthropomorphize their machines by giving them human names or referring to them as if they are people. With that in mind,we often think of cars in human terms like muscular or sexy, and for Fox Mustang fans, Foxy is the apropos terminology. Obviously, this owner isn’t shy about how this ride makes them feel.

2.4 EYE

When it comes to classic rock, the typical test question is ‘Beatles or Stones?’ In the world of Fox Mustang appreciation, there are also two camps fans of ’87-’93 Mustangs with the aero nose and flush three-piece headlights or the ’79-’86 Mustangs with the four recessed headlights. The latter cars are known as Four-Eye Foxes, and they have a fervent following. This owner falls into the ’79-’86 group and he represented them in style with his 4 Eye tag.


If you have followed this author’s writings over the years, you will know that I am not a fan of the Fox-body terminology. It is illogical because the body has little to do with making a car a Fox. After all, more than a dozen different Ford models with distinctly different bodies are based on the storied platform. That said, the terminology is in the zeitgeist to stay, and this car owner is part of the majority that enjoys the term and flexed it on his personalized plate.

Of course, your mileage may vary as to which personalized plate you prefer, so be sure to check out the gallery below to peep at more custom plates from the inaugural Motor City Fox Fest.


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