Adam LZ Joins RTR Formula Drift Team As Co-Driver

While many were taken aback that Vaughn Gittin Jr. opted to take a break from Formula Drift competition, it’s a move he planned to make for a while.

Part of his plan, however, is to remain the team owner with two drivers slaying tires under the RTR banner. Chelsea Denofa, who already has a championship under his belt, will become the lead driver. The question of who would join him initially remained a mystery.

Rounding out the RTR team, Adam LZ joins as Chelsea Denofa’s Formula Drift co-driver behind the wheel of Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s championship-caliber, 1,200-horsepower Mustang RTR Spec 5D competition car.

The team revealed a fellow pro drifter with a strong social media following of his own would take over the driving duties in Vaughn’s championship-winning, 1,200 horsepower Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5D. That driver is Adam LZ, who worked his way up from a BMX YouTuber to a full-fledged Formula Drift driver in his mid-20s.

“I saw Adam’s talent behind the wheel very early on,” Vaughn said. “That talent mixed with his big dreams and passion for drifting and automotive Fun-Having makes him a perfect fit for our team. I am pumped to have the opportunity to bring on another awesome human and talent to the RTR family. I look forward to helping Adam achieve his goals and most importantly having fun together while we do it!”

Adam is stoked, calling it the opportunity of a lifetime to join this storied organization to pilot a 1,200-horsepower Mustang.

“I’m beyond excited to drive with, what I consider to be, the highest-level drift team on the planet!” Adam said. He continued, “It’s an honor to be teammates with Chelsea [DeNofa]—a friend of mine that I’ve looked up to since I started drifting. With his knowledge and ability, Vaughn’s vision, and the best cars on the planet, we’ll be a force to be reckoned with.”

To earn more championships for the RTR team, he and Denofa will present a formidable pairing on the Formula Drift circuit.

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