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Shelby teams with Fathouse for a four-digit, turbocharged GT500 dubbed CODE RED

Experimental Shelbys are some of the rarest and most valuable machines built during the company’s long history. However, until now, those creations were purely engineering exercises. For the first time, Shelby American turned an experimental car into an ultra-limited production offering. Carrying the CODE RED moniker, it is also the company’s first twin-turbo vehicle

“Shelby American has built cutting-edgeexperimental versions of the Shelby GT500 since the model was launched in 1967,” Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American explained. “While these testbeds for innovation never became production cars at the time, they helped make ourvehicles better. For the first time in our 60-year history, we’re turning an experimental car into a limited-edition vehicle. The enormous demand for a CODE RED edition is an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and the enormous potentialof Ford Motor Company’s marvelous Shelby GT500 as a dedicated straight-line performer.”


Shelby American partnered with Fathouse Fabrication to develop CODE RED, which is the first product to move fromexperimental to production status. It is also the first twin-turbochrgedoffering from Shelby American.

 The company has a long history of experimental machines that carried the EXP designation, ranging from the Green Hornet and Super Snake to Little Red and the previous CODE RED. The latter machine was based on a 2008 Shelby GT500,which received a Nelson Racing Engines-prepped 5.4 liter engine, a dual-feed fuel system blending pump and race gas, and a pair of turbos replacing the supercharger.

“CODE RED is designed to be the pinnacle of Shelby Mustangs,” said Gary Patterson,president of Shelby American. “While we never put it into production during 2008, many were keen to own one. The current generation Shelby GT500 is so robust and spectacular that many of the issues we encountered 14 years ago no longer exist. It’s so perfect for CODE RED transformation that we began quietly building a few for insiders who asked. Though we did not initially intend to offer a formal edition, demand was so strong that we elected to build a very small number of them.”

The latest version of CODE RED is based on the 2020-2022 Shelby GT500, and only 10 per model year are set for creation, making these vehicles both rare and insanely potent. Detuned for 93-octane, they will deliver more than 1,000 horsepower and a 780 lb-ft of torque. Unleashed with E85 in the tank it produces 1,300 horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft of torque.

Only 10 CODE RED units will be created for eachmodel year from 2020-2022, so this 1,300-horsepower GT500 will be powerful and rare. 

“The unique nature of this new car required us to pour in lessons learned from extreme vehicles like the 2008 CODE RED, Shelby 1000, and 2020 Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake concept,” said Vince LaViolette, Shelby American Vice President of Operations and Chief of R&D. “All of the massive horsepower and torque we develop with the new CODE RED car required us to focus on optimizing traction.That is why CODE RED is more of a straight-line performer than a road course warrior. While not street legal, it’s very capable at moderate speeds in most any curve. But when the turbos spool up, the car is best enjoyed moving straight ahead.”

To achieve that level of performance, Shelby American partnered with the mad scientists at Fathouse Fabrication. This shop is known for pushing the latest Mustangs to incredible levels of performance with turbochargers and all the necessary supporting hardware. CODE RED is a natural continuation of that theme. The company took the Predator-powered halo ’Stang to a four-digit level.

“We worked closely with Shelby American to develop a robust, powerful, and reliable package based on our 50 years of combined experience in the high-performance auto industry,” said Ben Stoner, Vice President of Fathouse Performance. “The5.2-liter engine now features all-new high-performance components boosted by an intercooled, premium twin-turbo system, a new fuel system, engine management system, and more. CODE RED boasts 1,000-plus horsepower and 780 lb-ft of torque on 93-octane pump gas with up to 1,300 horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft of torque on E85 Ethanol.”

A comprehensive upgrade package (see sidebar), CODE RED also endured hours of testing at the hands of Chief Test Driver LaViolette  and Senior Test Driver) Gary Patterson refined its manners and ensured its durability.

“CODE RED drives like a regular car until the tach swings past 4,000 rpm,” Patterson added. “That’s when the Shelby transforms from mild-mannered transportation to extreme muscle car in the blink of an eye. The performance is breathtaking.”

Retailing for $209,995 on top of the price of the base car, the CODE RED Shelby GT500s are documented in the Shelby Registry and includes a membership in Team Shelby.


Shelby GT500 Code Red Mods


Shelbyby FHP Twin Turbo System

Xona7869S Dual Ball Bearing Turbos

StainlessSteel Tial V-band Exhaust Housings

PTPTitanium Turbo Blankets and Turbo Manifold Blankets

TialMVS Wastegates

CustomHigh Flow Air Filters

3”Stainless Active Exhaust and Steel Turbo Downpipes

StainlessSteel Tubular Turbo Headers with Billet Collectors and Merges

ARPHeader Bolt Kit

Engine Upgrade

CustomManley Pistons 10.5:1 CR

ManleyI-Beam Rods

ARPMain and Head Studs

OilSquirter Block Offs

PACValve Springs

FerreaCompetition Valves

HDSecondary Timing Chains

FordPerformance Oil Pump Gear and Crank Sprocket

BilletAnodized Coil Cover Set with Shelby Logo

Intakeand Intercooler System:

FathousePerformance Intake Manifold/ A2W Intercooler

FathousePerformance Billet Throttle Body Adapter and Coupler

FathousePerformance Ice Tank with Reservoir

CoatedAluminum Intercooler Piping

TialBlow-Off Valve

UpgradedHeat Exchanger and Custom Turbo Scavenge System

FathousePerformance Race Oil Catch Can

FathouseValve Cover Adapter Fittings

BMRSHigh Temp Polymer Hose Plumbing

Fuel System


BilletFuel Rails

ReturnStyle Fuel System

BMRSLine Kit

Forefittings, Fuel Pressure Reg, and Fuel Filter

Upgradedfuel pumps

MoTeCM150 Engine Management Package:


Plugand Play Mil-Spec Wiring Harness

PowerAdjustment via Factory Drive Mode Controls (650hp-1,300hp)

AdvancedTraction Control (9 Different Levels)



FlexFuel 93/E85 System automatically adjusts power based on ethanol content

GhostCam Feature (activated in Drag Mode)

AdvancedLaunch Control

EngineProtection Features

Level3 Advanced Data Logging (captures data automatically)


ShelbyWidebody package


Ride–height adjustable front and rear springs

FordPerformance front and rear sway bars

MagneRide suspension recalibration

Castercamber plates

Shelbyone-piece 6061-T6 forged aluminum wheels

20x11front with performance spec 305/30/20 tire

20x13rear with performance spec 345/30/20 rear tire

Extendedand hardened wheel studs

Exterior and Interior

Shelbycarbon fiber hood

Carbonfiber front splitter and rear diffuser

Carbonfiber pedestal wing

Shelbyrocker panels

Carbonfiber rocker wings

Billetengine caps

60thAnniversary Badging (2022 MY only)

CODERED badging

Leatherseat recovers

Shelbyrocker stripes

CSM numbered engine and dash plate

Embroideredfloor mats

Doorsill plates

Rearseat delete and harness bar


LeMans style over-the-top stripes



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