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With 760 horsepower and supercar-style performance on tap, the 2020 Shelby GT500 is the kind of car that can inspire fantasy. Its aggressive styling and robust feature set are enough to get any enthusiast’s heart racing, but even a car like this can leave some people wanting more.

For most that means more performance, but what if you wanted enhanced practicality. Would anyone want more cargo space in the form of a bed? It might be a question no one ever asked, but it is one that Czech Automotive Designer/Graphic Visualization Rostislav Prokop set out to answer with his latest three-dimensional rendering.

“Too much hate was created when I uploaded this Shelby like a sport pickup wagon,” he explained. “But thinking about it, why can’t I do this car? Why can’t I do something I want to do? That’s still a 3D car. Here the imagination is unlimited!”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Ford offered a modern alternative to the Ranchero? What if there was a Mustang wagon? That is just what designer Rostislav Prokop created with his sport pickup wagon 3D render.

Love it or hate it, his virtual creation is definitely imaginative. Based on the defunct Aussie Ford Falcon Ute, which is the most modern such machine in the Ford family, this virtual Shelby wagon wears a cowl-induction hood to match the dome in its bed cover. Otherwise it is imbued with more Shelby than Falcon DNA, which definitely makes you do a double take.

The question remains, however. If this two-seater Shelby wagon were real, would you rock it?

Taking a 2020 Shelby GT500 and fusing it with an Australian Ford Falcon Ute resulted in this unusual machine.
Czech Automotive Designer/Graphic Visualization Rostislav Prokop's latest three-dimensional rendering

But thinking about it, why can’t I do this car? Why can’t I do something I want to do?