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The Greatest Mustang Show on Earth

In September of last year, the original Mustang Week crew made the decision to retire after 21 years, opting to return to enjoying the car scene as spectators.

It was a highly emotional farewell for myself, Rodney Melton, Brad Worley, our supportive friends, and the volunteers who had assisted us in building the event. Shortly thereafter, Power Auto Media stepped up and took the reins, deciding to carry on with everyone's favorite week of the year.


The original staff and sales team undertook a journey to assist the newcomers. There is no other car event that can rival the excitement and nonstop action that Mustang Week provides, especially with so many free events. The official events are more laid-back, whereas the after-hour events, such as Harris Lue's RetroMeet, tend to become quite lively.


The first official event took place at Twin Peaks Restaurant, located at Myrtle Beach Mall, where Cobra Sam teamed up with the new team, kicking off the week in style. On Tuesday, the Stampede was hosted at Suck Bang Blow. One particularly impressive initiative by the new team was the introduction of a shuttle service, allowing spectators to be dropped off at various spots in Murrells Inlet.


On Wednesday, Stangs & Games was hosted at Player 1up, a barcade situated in Murrells Inlet. This event featured a DJ, giveaways, classic arcade games, and once again, the shuttle service provided transportation to the local hot spots for attendees.


On Thursday, both participants and spectators would journey to Darlington Dragway for a fullday of motorsport action, including activities such as an Auto Cross hosted by BF Goodrich and Steeda, a Cruise N Drag shootout hosted by Stifflers, and a test and tune session. The Cruise N Drag event marked a new addition to Mustang Week, requiring participants to drive from the beach to the track before participating in the competition.


The events on Friday and Saturday took place at Myrtle Beach Mall, and as always, the show was completely sold out, with people making every effort to attend. Trying to see all the Mustangs in the show can be overwhelming, not to mention the numerous sponsors surrounding the show cars. At Mustang Week, you will encounter some of the most prominent names in the industry, with CJ Pony Parts also providing assistance to the new owners. Adam White kept the crowd engaged with some excellent DJing. Despite experiencing rain on both days, it didn't deter the Mustangs from dominating the entire mall parking lot and the surrounding restaurants.



In conclusion, as one of the original staff members who helped establish Mustang Week, I have confidence that everyone's favorite week of the year is in capable hands. The new owners have more resources at their disposal than we did, so I anticipate that they will be able to elevate the event to the next level in the coming years. I recall hearing Lloyd Hunt expressing their determination not to let the event fade away. Next year's event is scheduled to be held in Myrtle Beach, SC, from September 2 to 7, 2024.

See more great stangs in the gallery below.

Hope to you see you there next year!

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