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FOX FEST Fox-Body Faithful Flock To Charlotte For A Weekend Of Fun


Fox-Body Faithful Flock To Charlotte For A Weekend Of Fun

Foxtoberfest 2021 was the 10th anniversary of the fun event held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concorde, North Carolina. The Fox-Body Mustang was produced by Ford from 1979 till 1993, only slightly longer than the event has been occurring.

The first gathering in 2011 only drew a little over 60 Fox-Body vehicles. This year they were shooting for 500 Fox-Bodied vehicles, but they blew past that number and ended up with over 700 cars in attendance, making it a huge success.

Foxtoberfest is not your traditional Mustang Show.  Every model, type, modded, brightly painted, rusty and primered, immaculate, and works in progress was there as their owners proudly display their favorite Foxes.

This 1993 beautiful Cobra was very stock appearing until you looked under the hood. Within the confines of that engine bay now rests a late model 5.0 Coyote with twin turbochargers, lots of go fast goodies, tuned for E-85 and a reported 1,350 rear-wheel horsepower.

PowerCurve Motorsport's dyno was there with a steady stream of Fox-Body Mustangs turning the rollers over at high rates of speed to see what kind of RWHP number they could turn.

The show features a popular vote format where registered show participants decide who receives the coveted trophies for classes like "1987-93 Best Original" as well as the giveaways like "Most In Need of Upholstery".

All-Fox Swap Meet was a part of it as well as many Vendors.  New Fox-Body parts were available for sale in the Fox Mustang Restoration tent who were also the show organizers.


If you are a Fox-Body fan, there is nothing that compares to an all-Fox show packed with every type of Fox imaginable.

As it was Halloween Eve, there was a costume party at the host hotel Friday night that carried over onto Saturday’s showfield.

Even Michael Myers was there in his 5.0 LX Mustang. (Below)
These two young gentleman were very willing to share all the information on their Dad’s Mustangs and hoped to drive them in a few years.

The Charlotte Motor Speedway parking lot was full of Foxes and many a Fox-Tale was told over the weekend.

The Fox-Body Mustangs were built from 1979 to 1993 and Ford delivered 2,608,812.  If you participated in Foxtoberfest 2021 you could have seen over 700 of those Foxes still alive, kicking, and rolling down the highways in Charlotte, North Carolina. Is 1,000 possible for next year?  Join us and see! Until then, check out the gallery of images from this year's Foxtoberfest to check out all the fun! 



Best In Show - Mark Schlitzkus

Best 1979-86 All Original - Amy Houtz

Best 1979-86 Modified - Robert Miller

Best 1979-86 Daily Driver - Clair McDaniel

Best 1987-93 All Original - Michael Ward

Best 1987-93 Modified - Tracy Murphy

Best 1987-93 Daily Driver - Ward Wagner

Best Work in Progress - Kameron Cruze

Best Non-Mustang Fox - Adam Delamielleure

Best Special Edition - Mike Snedeker

Choice Awards

Gearhead704 - Casey Jones

Foxcast Media - Peter Fuhrman

PITS - Shane Galloway

Mustang Week - Jamey Mattingly

Mustang Week - Thomas Rice

Mustang Week - Eddie Olinger

Daniel Carpenter - Bradley Bonifacius

Powercurve Motorsports, Highest Horsepower - Chris Craig

Fox Mustang Restoration - Billy Oddo

Fox Mustang Restoration - Matthew Faggart

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