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SOUND INVESTMENT Ford partners with B&O to amp up the Mach-E’s audio


Ford partners with B&O to amp up the Mach-E’s audio

For its first foray into battery electric vehicles, Ford wanted a machine that could not only wear the Mustang badge, but brought that fun-to-drive spirit to a modern package. Not only does it have sporty performance and cutting-edge infotainment, but some models, like the Premium, feature a B&O 10-Speaker Sound System pumping out 560 watts.

Obviously, every great drive needs a soundtrack. But whether you are listening to a podcast or cranking up the tunes, the two design teams wanted seamless integration from both a design and sound perspective. “There’s really no distinction as to where the B&O design starts and where the Mustang Mach-E design picks up,” B&O Automotive Industrial Designer Matt Scarchilli explained. “It’s one seamless design, one fluid form. It’s pure and simple.”

This system is a result of a collaboration between Ford and the audio experts at Bang & Olufsen, which set out to enhance the Mach-E driving experience with a complementary audio experience. The mission was to enhance the audio attributes — bass, midrange, and treble — at higher and lower volumes to immerse the driver.

“This is a Mustang, and we needed to deliver a sound experience that lives up to that brand,” B&O Senior Engineer of Acoustics, Alec Deleon said of the 2021 Mustang Mach-E’s 10-speaker, 560-watt B&O audio system.

“With the B&O Sound System in the All-New 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, we wanted to give inspiration to every drive,” B&O Senior Design Manager, Tiina Karjalainen Kierysch added.

The company created a series of videos detailing the development and benefits of the system, which you can watch HERE. After learning more about the system, your scribe regrets not taking more time to listen to it on our first drive. That’s definitely something to remedy the next time.


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