A Mustang of supercar proportions.

Every so often, a Mustang comes along that’s so unique and so groundbreaking that it raises the bar: The Bojix Mustang GT is one such car. Game-changing cars command respect, but often at the expense of class, as their titles are earned from brutish performance or extreme aesthetical modifications. Seldom are these over-the-top creations deemed tasteful as they trade elegance for shock-and-awe. But every blue moon, a company gets everything right and creates a Stang that’s extreme as it is tasteful–a Mustang with the street cred of a Hollywood supercar that retains its muscle car qualities.

The Bojix Mustang resides in an elite group of Pony cars that transcends a style or theme and instead, breaks into the realm of a design statement. “We spent considerable time in the concept phase, studying the lines of the S197, selecting a nonstandard color palette, and constructing an overall car that wasn’t just styled, but rather, designed, Haro Derkrikorian of Bojix Designs said. Some may not be familiar with Bojix Designs, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen their work. They’ve built many headlining SEMA cars for FoMoCo that range from Mustangs to a Focus ST, a Fiesta ST and several others. Their unique style and meticulous attention to detail has earned them Ford Design Awards at SEMA four years running. It’s an honor to simply build a SEMA car, but to be recognized by Ford Racing for the caliber of your work, well, that’s reserved for but the elite few.  “Bojix Designs was started in 2010 out of a desire to build uniquely modified, groundbreaking Fords to show how great the marquee is, especially with the help of the aftermarket,” Derkrikorian said.

Bojix Mustang GT front corner detail
Bojix Mustang GT wheel detail

Bojix Designs was created by the Derkrikorian brothers, Haro and George, a pair of capable masterminds who come from a long-line of automotive enthusiasts who’ve owned shops and worked in the industry. Sadly, a drunk driver claimed the life of George in 2012, but his legacy lives on with the patented Bojix style that the two brothers created before his untimely and unfortunate departure. Traditions run deep in the Derkrikorian family, and it’s easy to see that the Bojix team prides themselves on a uniquely upscale style. “After discussing our goals with the team, we immediately got to work cutting and modifying the fenders and rear quarter panels to accept the 3dCarbon wide-body kit that we tweaked in-house,” Derkrikorian said.

Bojix Mustang GT dash detail

When the S197 arrived, it had a mere 6 miles on the odometer, and within days of arriving at Bojix Designs, they cut, raised, and reinforced the wheel arches so that the massive new wheels would tuck nicely under the widened fenders. “Many people add the widebody fenders without taking advantage of their extra width; since doing so necessitates that the stock arches be opened so that the wheels can move outside the stock fenders to meet the widened units,” Derkrikorian said.

As if precisely cutting the body of a brand new Mustang wasn’t difficult enough, Bojix did it the right way, by reinforcing the new panels to preserve their stiffness.
Bojix Mustang GT Interior

The panels of white and black are precisely placed to accentuate the factory lines. Do yourself a favor and study the aesthetics for a few; you’d be amazed at the level of detail that lies beneath. “We wanted the car to look great at first glance and only get better the longer you stared at it,” Derkrikorian said. Other details include custom orange painted inner barrels on the wheels and the patented Bojix three-spoke splash of color on the wheels.

Bojix Mustang GT rear suspension

“All of our builds include the colored three-spoke portion of the wheels; it’s another small, Bojix signature,” he added. Speaking of wheels, how can you miss the massive 22x10 front, and 22x11 rear Rennen RS-7 wheels wrapped in wide Continental ExtremeContact DWS tires that measure a stout 265/30-22 front and 295/25-22 rear. By now you’re wondering if this beauty is all show and no go, but you’d be wrong. “While we’ll build anything a customer wants, our preference is to have as much performance as there is style,” Derkrikorian explained. 

Under the hood you’ll find a ProCharger i-1 programmable supercharger that feeds boost into a Ford Racing Cobra Jet intake manifold and a matching Super Cobra Jet throttle-body. Spent gasses pass through an MRT 3-inch offroad midpipe and into the aforementioned Bojix Designs Supercar Exhaust System.

Bojix Mustang GT engine

“The ProCharger is phenomenal; with the poke of a button it goes from mild to wild and it’s immediately noticeable from the driver’s seat that the blower ratios are changed, as the headunit becomes much louder and boost builds much sooner,” Derkrikorian said. Power is useless without a proper way to harness it, so life underneath the orange rocket is also chock full of go-fast goodies. Like a Spec Stage 2 clutch and flywheel along with Whiteline shifter bushings and an Auburn Gear ECTED Max-locker differential that plays with Moser 3.73 gears, 31-spline axles and a matching differential cover.

“The Auburn Electronic Max-Locker is amazing, it can literally be turned into a spool—you can hear the tires chirping during turns when it’s locked,” Derkrikorian explained. 

Bojix Mustang GT rear fin

Braking duties are handled by massive Brembo front brakes that utilize race-ready 6-piston calipers and 15-inch drilled rotors along with a Ford Racing 13-inch big brake kit out back. The high-end ensemble continues with track-spec Eibach Multi-Pro R2 coilovers that feature remote reservoirs and 16-way adjustability. If you’re not familiar with Eibach coilovers, they’re the real deal. Of course, great coilovers are nothing without a solid foundation, so WHITELINE sway bars anchor both ends while matching control arms, lower-control arm brackets and bushings help straighten out the corners.

Wherever WHITELINE Polyurethane bushings were absent, Energy suspension Polyurethane bushings were substituted. Thankfully life inside the cabin is just as sweet.

Bojix Mustang GT side profile

“We worked with TMI Products on the interior and it came out great–they used a mixture of white leather and suede on the seats, headliners, inner panels, the console and shifter,” he explained. The fresh hide was accentuated by Lloyd mats that feature color-matched orange trim along with a color-matched Ford Racing X-Brace and Rear Seat Delete. “The Kicker Audio Vehicle Specific Solutions (VSS) kit sounds great with its digital processor that improves the stock speakers and the subwoofer that mounts in the stock location and improves the base response,” he explained. From top to bottom and inside to out, no matter what angle this orange dream machine is admired from, it’s flawless.

Much like exceptional pieces of art, the Bojix Mustang is complicated without looking cluttered, yet it’s simple without looking plain. In an era of gaudy showstoppers, it’s nice to see a cohesive design that’s as much a Mustang as it is a world-class supercar–and that wasn’t by accident.  

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