Cruise For A Cause Sweepstakes Shelby GT500SE

Previously, we clued you in for an opportunity to win a special Shelby and help a great cause.

At that time, the car had yet to be constructed, but Shelby American wrapped up work on the Hope Edition Shelby GT500SE, so now you can see the grand prize in the latest Cruise for a Cause sweepstakes benefiting cancer research.

“Everyone has been touched by cancer, whether personally or through someone they love,” Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “We were honored to build this one-off car for Cruise for a Cause’s fundraising campaign. While every vehicle built at Shelby is special, we really poured our hearts into building a car that would inspire people to open their hearts and wallets to help eradicate this horrible disease.”

Dan Neve of Cruise For A Cause collaborated with the team at Shelby American to create the Hope Edition, a one-off version of the vaunted 2021 Shelby GT500SE. This 800-horsepower machine receives numerous performance and styling upgrades.

To help raise money to do just that, Shelby bestowed one of the 98 Carroll Signature Edition packages on a 2021 Shelby GT500. This upgrade includes a carbon fiber hood, an upgraded suspension and a few tweaks increasing its output to 800 horsepower. As you can see in the photos, the Hope Edition received a few extra styling tweaks beyond those included in the SE package.

“Since a portion of the sale from each SE package benefits the Carroll Shelby Foundation, it seemed the perfect foundation for our one-off car,” said Dan Neve, founder of Cruise for a Cause. “Collaborating with Gary Patterson, Vince LaViolette and their team, we chose the options that people want the most, like the Carbon Fiber Track Pack and stunning Anti-Matter Blue color. Then we added bold ‘Hope Edition’ graphics in key places within and on the outside, plus an official Shelby badge noting that it is one of one.”

One of just 98 GT500SEs built for the 2021 model year, the Hope Edition features a few extra touches that make it one of a kind.

The Hope Edition Shelby GT500SE made its public debut on May 6 during the Shelbyfest event in Jefferson City, Missouri. If you are interested in taking a shot at winning the car, or you just want to help a great cause, you can visit the sweepstakes page HERE.

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