This 700-horsepower Mach 1 Made A Great Pre-Wedding Gift

I met Orange Jewlious four years ago while visiting our friends in Orlando, Florida.

My friend was her owner. He had her in the shop for an oil change and took me with him to pick her up. The first time seeing and hearing her, it was love at first sight. My friend had never let anyone drive her, not his brothers, my husband, not even his best friends. That day he asked me if I wanted to drive her and of course I did! She purred and vibrated, with all 700 horsepower running through me. I KNEW she was already mine. I named her that day – Orange Jewlious, after my nickname Jewle.

That Ford Performance V-8 pumps out 700 ponies!

I immediately asked him if I could buy her, but his price was well beyond what we could afford. For the next three years, I kept checking in on her, asking if he had changed his mind on price. I was mostly asking "How is my car?" because I knew she would be mine one day.

Orange Jewlious Specs:

  • 1969 Mustang Mach 1
  • 700 hp / 514 cubic inch big block from Ford Racing
  • Rotisserie restored
  • PPG Lamborghini Tangerine Pearl paint
  • Chip Foose custom rims
  • Six-speed Viper transmission
  • Four-link coil over rear suspension
  • Heidts’ rack and pinion with chrome adjustable coil overs up front
  • Six-point roll cage
  • Cipher Racing seats and 4-point seatbelts
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