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THE MUDSTANG This turbocharged S550 is a multipurpose mudslinger

Just when you think you have seen it all, along comes a modern, mud-slinging Mustang.

The Mustang has long been a foundation on which enthusiasts could build their dream machines. But, a Mustang built as an off-road rampager is still an unexpected path. However, that’s just what Daryle Wengerd of Parish, Tennessee, did with his 2015 Mustang.

Using adapters, he mounted big, off-road tires which extend beyond the factory fenders to gain the necessary clearance. These tires still attempt to find traction in slippery mud when the driver applies 800-plus rear-wheel horsepower, courtesy of a twin-turbo Coyote under the hood.  

It certainly makes for a unique look and a wild ride, but if you are more traditional, don’t fret. Daryle can unbolt the adapters and return the S550 to a street/strip-worthy machine. In fact, this same ride scored a 10.08-second average in NMRA’s QA1 True Street class at the 22nd Annual NMRA All-Ford World Finals & Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

What happens when you bolt 24-inch off-road tires on a modern Mustang making 800-plus rear-wheel horsepower? It turns into a pretty capable mudding machine that looks really out of place on, or away from the asphalt.

So this Mustang is definitely a triple-threat, but when you see it in street or drag trim you never would expect that it would be slinging mud in its spare time.

The stock Gen 2 Coyote 5.0-liter wears a twin-turbo system with short exhausts that exit through the hood. As a result, this machine makes quite a ruckus as it slings mud in the woods.