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TREMEC Enhances Line-Up with All-New 5-Speed RWD Manual Transmission Designed Specifically for the Aftermarket

  • Designed for multiple applications with little to no floor pan modifications
  • Compact, end-loaded design provides the perfect solution for custom builds
  • Outstanding shift-ability at high RPMs (up to 7500) to match modern, high-performance engines
  • 600 pound-foot (lb.-ft.) of torque capacity
  • Single overdrive reduces engine wear and fuel consumption for comfortable roadway driving

TREMEC, the leading manufacturer of manual transmissions and components, announces the release of the new TKX, a 5-speed RWD manual transmission developed solely for the aftermarket. “We listened to our customers, combined their suggestions with our OEM technology and strengthened our aftermarket line up with the addition of the TKX,” says Mike Kidd, aftermarket business unit manager at TREMEC.

For the development of the new transmission, TREMEC engineers took a forward-looking approach to finding the best and most efficient solution. This included universal packaging, excellent shifting performance, and extreme durability.

The end result is superior shift-ability with smooth shifts at high RPMs through the use of multi-cone synchronizers and hybrid synchronizer rings. At the same time, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance is optimized with a gear layout to best control stress levels, while providing structural stiffness with a ribbed, 3-piece aluminum housing. Durability is further optimized with oversized gear widths, gaskets at all flanges and caged needle bearings in all gear positions.

Whether restoring or upgrading a classic muscle car or a 1930s-era roadster coupe, the new TREMEC TKX 5-speed RWD manual transmission delivers a top-quality drivetrain solution.


Torque transfer solutions from TREMEC are found in products ranging from supercars and high-performance sports cars to severe duty, vocational and commercial vehicles worldwide. The portfolio of products includes manual transmissions, dual clutch transmissions,  hybrid and EV drivetrain solutions, gears, shafts, clutches, friction materials, shift systems, synchronizers, mechatronic systems, transmission control units, and control software.

For additional information, please contact:

Michael Kvicala, TREMEC Marketing | +1 (248) 859-6331 | Mobile +1 (734) 678-5200, |


Specifications, technical data and more information can be found at

To configure and order your new TKX 5-speed manual transmission, please contact a TREMEC distributor. These experts can be found on our Distributor Locater page:

Phone +1 (248) 859-6335
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UPR’S 2005-‘20 FORD MUSTANG GT High Performance Hydraulic Clutch Line Upgrade

The factory hydraulic clutch line is plastic and prone to breaking over time, as well as flexing, which gives a spongy feeling. This Teflon-lined, steel-braided line improves clutch pedal feel as well as adding peace of mind that it is much stronger than the factory part. This is a direct replacement of the stock line, no modifications needed.

The upgrade features AN-4 male plug-in fittings and a Teflon-lined, braided stainless steel line.


• AN-4 Male Plug-In Fittings

• Teflon-lined Braided Stainless Steel

• Replaces Weak Factory Plastic Line

• Heat and Abrasion Resistant

• Direct Fit Upgrade Replacement

• Improved Clutch Pedal Feel

UPR Products
(561) 588-6630
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ORACLE LIGHTING’S Fiber Optic Dash Kits

ORACLE Lights, the market leader in innovative LED lighting solutions for the automotive aftermarket, is proud to announce the launch of its new fiber optic dash kits, available in both ColorSHIFT® ($39.95) and single-color ($9.95) options.

“Our new Fiber Optic Dash Kits are the perfect way to accent a vehicle’s interior in a clean and seamless way,” said Justin Hartenstein, Oracle Lighting director of development.

“The special side-ring fiber optic cables have an integrated edge to make installation easy on any vehicle,” said Justin Hartenstein, Oracle Lighting director of development. This integrated edge is inserted between interior body panels in your vehicle including door panels, dashboard, headliner, console, and more. The fiber can even be stitched into fabric on custom upholstery. This is a universal product and is simple to install in most cases.”

The fiber optic is end-lit by a LED light head. The light travels through the fiber, and lights up smoothly along the way for a very clean and understated appearance. The integrated edge is designed to hold the fiber optic cable tightly without the use of any adhesive. The single-color kit is available in six options (white, blue, red, green, amber, and ABL). Specialized fiber optic cable is also required for install ($4.95), which can be cut with scissors and be re-used.

Oracle Lighting
(800) 407-5776
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JLT PERFORMANCE 2020 Shelby GT500 Master Cylinder Cover

It is said, “You can’t have everything.” With the 2020 Shelby GT500, you get a 760hp 5.2L engine, a 7-speed DCT, and 10-second elapsed times at the drag strip. What else would one want?

Case in point, the 2020 Shelby GT500’s engine compartment could use a little help to blend performance with aesthetics. JLT Performance comes to the rescue again with its new Master Cylinder Cover for Ford’s latest ultimate performance machine. This master cylinder cover will have you checking out the stock engine compartment to see what’s different. Only then you’ll see the unsightly factory master cylinder sticking out like a sore thumb.

JLT’s Master Cylinder Cover was designed to match the factory battery cover and mimic the flow of the cowl to provide a more tasteful engine compartment. JLT’s Master Cylinder Cover features a factory-like texture and semi-gloss sheen to match the rest of the underhood as well. Pair the master cylinder cover with JLT’s strut tower and coolant tank covers and you’ll truly have everything.

JLT Performance
(757) 335-1940
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AUTOMOTIVETOUCHUP Caliper Paint For An Exact Color Fit

A popular way to customize a show vehicle is painting brake calipers. With a jack, a lug wrench, cleaning solution and paint from AutomotiveTouchup, the job can be done in a garage or in the driveway. The best part is that using AutomotiveTouchup allows for an exact color match to the vehicle rather than selecting from a handful of colors available through the detailers.

AutomotiveTouchup is a quick and easy three-step process consisting of a sandable primer, paint color, and glossy clear coat. Once the calipers are cleaned of rust and debris buildup, simply apply the sandable primer in an even coat and allow to dry. If more is needed, apply once the previous coat of primer is completely dry. After the primer is finished, add the paint color in an even coat. Multiple coats of color may be needed and should only be applied once the previous coat is dry. Finally, the clear coat seals the color and leaves a glossy finish.

Everything needed to paint the brake calipers is available on the company’s website, including dust masks, sandpaper, sanding blocks, prep solvent, rubbing compound, nitrile gloves and more.

AutomotiveTouchup (division of Microfinish LLC.)
(888) 710-5192
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UPR PRODUCTS’ 2015-20 Mustang Stage 2 Pro-Street Package

The UPR Products’ 2015-20 Mustang Stage 2 Pro-Street Package includes:

UPR Billet IRS Subframe Bushing Cradle Lockout Kit/Billet IRS Subframe Braces

This 12-piece, CNC Billet lockout/brace package eliminates the movement found in the OEM rubber bushings. It will reduce wheel hop and improve overall handling without adding any noise, vibration or harshness. The Lockout kit is made from 7075 Billet Aluminum, the IRS braces are made from 6061 Billet Aluminum.

UPR Pro-Series™ Toe Links

These laser cut, 3/16 steel, tig-welded and nickel plated toe links reduce wheel hop and give a more responsive suspension feel. Rod ends are heavy-duty chrome moly, self-sealing, self-lubricating, and Teflon lined. There are left- and right-hand threaded turnbuckles for easy adjustments.

UPR Billet IRS Vertical Link

CNC’d from strong 2024 Billet Aluminum with Delrin bushings and Stainless-Steel sleeves, these new links limit deflection to provide consistency. 2024 Billet Aluminum has a tensile strength of 68k psi compared to 45k psi, or 51% stronger than 6061.

UPR IRS Subframe Alignment Kit

CNC machined Delrin helps align the factory IRS subframe and keeps the IRS subframe squared to the chassis. (You should have an alignment done in case the IRS subframe was not square from the factory.)


• Improves Handling

• Shortens 60ft Times

• Reduces Wheel Hop and Bushing Deflection

UPR Products
(561) 588-6630
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