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DIY Tech

FRONTAL ASSAULT with Mr Body Kit’s Pre-Painted Hood Scoop

Originally in the initial design stages with our project 2016 Mustang GT Jekyll & Hyde the concepts developed had some variation of striping going over the hood and roof but was not sure about the mustang heritage of the bumper-to-bumper striping that so prominent in the Mustang community, there was even concepts developed with a partial wrap that are still under development.

All this conceptualizing, pre-visualization, notes on paper corners, and some “Oh, this could be cool” moments were all done using an idea of a solid color car, our Competition Orange GT but we ended up getting our project car with a black roof, a $700 option that paired with the already added all black emblems and rear spoiler made a striking package so after some design reboots we decided to continue the black elements on the car and add a black hood scoop that will bring the black right down the hood in a nice wide stripe looking appearance. 

Our brand new 2016 Mustang GT Premium hood...Let’s drill some holes!
When working with body fasteners even the cheapest set of body trim tools make life so much easier and are more forgiving on painted surfaces. An investment in these are vital with today’s fasteners on late model cars.
Before applying any pressure active tapes like the 3M used here, it’s best to clean the surface with isopropyl Alcohol to remove any grease, cleaners and wax. If you find that the surface gets littered with hand prints before applying the hood scoop clean it again to be sure.
The supplied template stripes have two sided tape pre applied. The process is to tape the tem-plates over the mounting points on the scoop, then set the scoop on the hood in the desired lo-cation and then press the template down so that it now sticks to the hood showing where to drill for the mounting studs to come thru to bolt the scoop to the hood. taped edge Mr Body Kit’s pre painted hood scoop come with the two sided tape already applied, just peel the backing and you're ready to stick. And stick it does! So be careful, move slow and check and re-check before sticking the surfaces down. They can be repositioned but get the tape to separate is very challenging and can take some effort.

Don’t wipe off the shavings. Either gently blow them off or like us use a shop vac to retrieve them without ever touching or pushing them across the hood.
holes drilled, shavings removed, panic attack from drilling holes in my new mustang GT just a few short miles after delivery over, now it’s time to clean the hood again, compressed air is you friend here and continue to watch for any shavings that might have been missed.
We install the supplied hardware using our POS allen wrench In preparation to mounting the scoop. One the hardware is installed peel back each corner for about 2-4”.
Microfiber cloths came in handy as spacers when setting the scoop on the hood so that the sec-tions of tape that were exposed would not be sticking to soon. This let us position the hood scoop and continually checking out position on the hood before making and commitments with letting the tape stick to soon.
BAM, and here is the finished scoop ready to catch some eyes on cruse night! The black scoop from Mr Body Kit really sets off the rest of the black elements of the car - We like!