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Tire Bling!

Installing some tire awesomeness with Tredwear’s tire graphics

Remember raised white letting of the 70’s & 80’s? - This is not that! Tredwear has come up with a very cool system of adding graphics to the tires that not only give the tire the raised white lettering look but takes it to an all new level of creativity and quality with their.

The material resembles a rubber tire patch and glue but at a much higher quality. the graphics are precision cut and very detailed. The material is very thick providing that raised look and the coloring is impeccable nothing like the raised lettering of the 80’s that was painted and always looked poor up close.

There is a great how-to video of the installation process at https://youtu.be/CoJGbdBWoo0

BELOW: The graphics and cut to order. We thought we were going to use the Nitto logo and GT 555 but instead just went with the Nitto logo.
BELOW: Start by cleaning the wheel with a good degreaser. We used Purple Power since it’s biodegradable 
BELOW: After cleaning the rim 4 or 5 times, Dry tire real good and begin to wipe down with rubbing alcohol or like product. We used general adhesive cleaner that works real good.
BELOW: We repeatedly sprayed the cleaner and scrubbed with a s Scotch Bright Pad.
BELOW: Next is to sand the area where the graphics will go. this helps create a better bonding surface with the tire.
BELOW: Lay the graphics on the tire and do a test fit making sure it’s laying in the same arch as everything else. Make note of where the items are sitting in relation to the tire making sure there centered in the sidewall of the tire.
BELOW: Now we add the glue. Squeeze some out onto the graphic and use the tip to spread it around. try not to have globs built up on the edges. Stay back just a hair so when you press done it doesn't squeeze out the edges of the graphic.
BELOW: Carefully set the piece into place and make sure it’s where you want before pressing it down.
BELOW: Once the graphic is where you want start pressing in down, light at first as it will have a tendacey to slide around but after the initial pressing down you can now press down more firmly.
BELOW: Repeat with the other graphics until all are applied. keep going over as you install each piece and pressing everything down.
BELOW: here is our newly installed wheel and it just looks awesome, it’s retro meets new school which makes this very cool! Time to hit the street and see what others think.
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