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Now Them’s Pipes!

Corsa Performance's “No Drone” cutting edge Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) for the 2015-17 Mustang GT.

If you’ve been around as long as a lot of us, you remember a day when we couldn’t fathom a Mustang like the S550 platform for 2015-17. Double overhead cam. Six-speed. Four-wheel disc brakes. Fully independent suspension. A slippery body like never before and a rev-limiter courting the seven grand mark.

Ford has provided us with a Mustang to fall in love with again. It has also proven you can have your cake and eat it too. You really can have it all and the theoretically “free lunch” really does exist. The Mustang GT’s factory high-tech exhaust system delivers power and it also gives us throat. Crack the throttle and Mustang GT barks like no other Ford pony has in the marque’s 50+ year history. We wonder how Ford could get this thing any better.

Corsa Performance knows how to take the Coyote’s bark and transform it into bite. We’re going to install the Xtreme Cat-Back exhaust system on a 2015 50th Anniversary Mustang GT at Marlo’s Frame & Alignment/Fly Ford Racing in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. We'll show you what a difference this system will make for your S550 generation Mustang, and best of all, you can install this system yourself.

We like the throaty demeanor of Corsa Performance’s Xtreme Cat-Back exhaust system for the Mustang and Mustang GT. This system delivers a snarly bark at the tailpipes when you lean on the throttle. What’s more, it improves high-end horsepower. 

The factory exhaust system includes this huge resonator, which will be replaced by Corsa’s X-pipe just aft of the cats. The Corsa system will improve performance and eliminate excess weight while improving exhaust acoustics at the same time. No cabin drone yet plenty of throat at the stainless tips.
Mufflers are secured by rubber-lined steel hangers bolted to the body. Support the exhaust system with jack stands before disconnecting muffler hangers. 
Once the center hangers have been disconnected above the differential, disconnect the muffler hangers.

Marlon supports the mufflers and exhaust system with help lowering the system in front. This is one large, heavy subassembly.

These adaptors allow us to fit the Corsa X-pipe into the factory catalytic converter pipes. Aircraft-style clamps will hold everything together.
The Corsa cat-back X-pipe is an easy fit. Once seated, clamps are snugged, but not tightened for adjustment purposes. Tighten clamps fully once the complete system is installed and properly fitted.
The center hangers mount onto the new Corsa Performance tailpipes.

The Corsa Performance Xtreme stainless steel mufflers and pipes enjoy terrific fit. We were astonished at how well they fit. 

This is the way exhaust systems are done today—using aircraft pneumatic system-style clamps you can remove and install with ease. Here, muffler and pipe are splined into the main cat-back system and snugged. Don’t tighten the clamps until the entire system is fitted and in place. 
The Corsa system is secured just below the differential. 
Muffler mounting brackets are attached to the stainless Corsa mufflers. Did you remember to take notes on which hangers go where? Cell phone photos enabled Marlon to place the brackets where they belong. 
You’re going to need a helper for your Corsa Performance system install, although you could do this by yourself with help from jack stands. Here, the system is supported while Marlon runs down the hanger bolts. 

Ford makes muffler hanger brackets easy to get to, which is an improvement over the S197 exhaust system where access was challenging. 

Corsa’s stainless steel exhaust tips really shine while delivering a throaty burble at idle and quite the exclamation point with rpm.
We’re wild about this hour-glass figure X-pipe and the power it delivers. 
Completely installed Corsa Performance Xtreme exhaust system looks sharp and makes a difference in sound and power.

Look at how much exhaust system Marlon and Jim removed from this 2015 GT coupe. This is a significant weight loss program because the Corsa system is a fraction of the weight while yielding power.