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Dress Up Your Mustang's Engine Bay in Less Than 30 Minutes

Subtle touches can make a world of difference under the hood of your Mustang. The best part is they don't need to cost a lot or take a lot of time. Yet these small additions can make a huge difference in your Mustang's under-hood appearance.

Follow along and we'll show you how to dress up your late-model Mustang's engine bay using a few billet pieces from Drake Automotive n less time than an episode of the Walking Dead. The Drake pieces are built to fit right on top of the factory item, in this case the fluid caps, dip stick, and fuse panel. This is a real-world, do-it-yourself, peel-and-stick project.

We started with the windshield washer reservoir cover, which is something that looks like a lawyer and engineer design collaboration—not pretty. The Drake billet cover simply adheres to the factory cover with a super-sticky applique that comes stuck to the billet cover out of the box. Simply peel the film, clean the factory cover, line it up, and press it home. 
You’ll need the Allen wrench for the dip-stick cover. Loosen the set-screw, split the cover, and install the factory dip-stick. Put the cover back together and tighten the set-screw, but don’t overtighten. 
Remove the oil fill cap from the cam cover and clean it with the supplied cleaning cloth. The Drake cover is machined to fit directly over the factory cover. You might want to ensure you have the orientation correct before you stick it to the cap. Once you do, it’s peel-and-stick.
The Drake cover on the oil fill cap looks great next to the custom coil covers.
With the engine totally cold, remove the radiator cap. If the overflow tank is warm or you just turned off the engine, wait an hour or more until it is safe to remove the cap. We left it in place to get the orientation correct and installed the Drake cover after we cleaned the cap.
The fuse panel cover is the last piece to be replaced. Again, no tools—just more peel-and-stick.
The Drake Automotive billet pieces accent the custom coil and engine covers and brighten the dark under-hood of the Mustang. Modifying your Mustang in steps means looking awesome can be easy on the eyes, as well as your wallet! 
Drake Automotive